(under 1334/2008/EU)

Frutoria has a very wide range of flavours available; we have solutions for each application.
The strength of Frutoria lies in the diversity of its range, the way in which we come to the correct alignment and fine-tuning of the product, in direct and personal consultation with the customer, and in the short delivery times.


It goes without saying that we are also keeping up with the latest developments in the field of European regulations. To this end, we also have a seat on the technical committee of the NEA, our industry organisation.
You can be sure that we produce all our flavours under regulation 1334/2008, the register of authorised substances 872/2012. Our quality system meets the FSSC22000 standard and is always under development, as befits a learning organisation.


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A wide range of flavours is available for use in bakery products, confectionery, dairy products, and sports drinks. These include various vanilla flavours, strawberry, raspberry, peach, but also exotic flavours such as maracuja and passion fruit. We can offer these in natural or regular form, liquid or powder, fat-soluble or water-soluble. Let us know what your preference is, we will provide the solution!


This category of flavours refers to flavours used for soups and sauces. These include various herbal flavours, but also meat flavours, onion, garlic and even olive flavours. In natural or non-natural form, processing flavours. A quite diverse and surprising range.

These flavours find their way to producers of soups and sauces, meat processors and suppliers of herbs.


New is the category of flavours for e-cigarettes. This new development has seen a rapid rise in recent years. Frutoria has responded to this and has now made a large number of flavours suitable for use in the e-cigarettes. We will be happy to update you upon request!